Rude Mechs

Fixing the Last Henry - Staged Readings

The fourth installment of our Fixing Shakespeare series. We take Shakespeare's least-produced works and adapt them with our Rude cunning to share the raw power of what a Shakespeare play must have felt like on opening night.

This time we're tackling Henry VIII. How is it possible that even after eight Henrys, England could still think it was a good idea for a man to be king? Queen Katharine and Lady Anne Bullen have other ideas.

Henry VIII was Shakespeare's last play - in part because he burned his fucking theatre down during the production. (Maybe.)
Nov 16th, Nov 23rd at 5:00pm

Grageriart Design 4 Everyone Show + Video Release

Check out Grageriart has been working on Design 4 Everyone, and cooking up a YouTube channel. We will launch our weekly videos on December 2nd. Come see the first one! Come see it all. #$hop.
Nov 29th-30th, Dec 1st at 8:00pm;Nov 30th at 5:00pm


About the show
SUGA is conceived, and performed by Travis Coe and directed by Stacy Klein. An investigation of freedom, and the bounds—personal, artistic, societal, and political—one must break through to achieve that end. As a caretaker of a museum of memory, Coe touches/reveals/remixes all the aspects of himself—as Queer, Afro- Caribean/Latinx, and American, to find the path to sing, fly, run - toward Freedom.

About the artist
Travis Coe is an Ensemble Member and a leader of Art Justice at Double Edge Theatre (DE) and the Co-Founder of Round Room Image. While at DE, Coe's creative process has changed significantly in conversation with Founder/Artistic Director Stacy Klein and the Ensemble to include rigorous and imaginative physical training in the research and creation of his artistic work. While grappling with issues of personal identity and historic representation, Coe takes dreams, memories and histories and creates a catalogue of performed and cinematic artworks to awaken communities to new possibilities of seeking courage and freedom.
Mar 4th-6th 2020 at 7:00pm